Patterns For The Three Shell Game

Patterns For The Three Shell Game
This booklet describes various patterns for the three shell game. It allows the performer to start with the pea under any shell, end with the pea under any shell and have the spectators think it's under any shell he wants them to think it's under.

At the same time, all the patterns are very similar, so spectators won't be able to recognise certain patterns and guess the right shell that way. The similarity of the patterns doesn't make it hard for the performer to remember them all though, because every movement follows logically from the movement before.

Every pattern is described with the help of five illustrations like the ones you see on the front page of the booklet. Next to every illustration is a clear description of the moves. At the end of the booklet is a short description of every pattern for when you have learned the patterns but need a quick recap.

Fair patterns, where the pea ends up under the shell where it's supposed to be are also included.

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