Magic Lecture

As a full time magician, Peter has come up with a number of routines that all have to do with his specialty: gambling and con games. He has put these in a lecture that is suitable for the beginning magician as well as the more advanced sleight of hand artist.

Routines that are included are:

Flying Chips - three fly and matrix routines with differently coloured chips.

Gambler vs. Gambler - a gambler vs. magician type of effect where the perform cuts to three kings. The fourth time he seems to mess up and cut to an ace. With a little shake the kings are changed to the other three aces and with another shake the four aces change to a royal flush.

Lucky Me - a ten card poker deal routine that uses a full deck. It not only relies on the well known principle but also uses some less well known methods.

Tough Luck - a board game where the spectator moves across the board according to the cards he gets from a shuffled deck. Somehow, he always seems to end up on a losing square.

Holdem Stack and Holdem Double Duke - two Texas Holdem Poker routines that rely on riffle stacking.

Ultimate Poker Deal - from a shuffled deck the perform finds the aces, kings and queens, manages to shuffle them back in so they are dealt to the players in a poker game and ends with the rest of the deck in new deck order.

Cheating at Blackjack

In this lecture Peter explains the methods of the cheats that worked the casino's in the 50's and 60's. He has grouped the methods into four groups:
- techniques that have to do with misinformation
- switching cards
- chip manipulation
- techniques that rely on the order of the cards

Peter looks at these techniques from three different view points: the cheating dealer, the cheating player(s) and cheating teams of players and dealers.

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