Fat Chance Lecture Notes

Fat Chance Lecture Notes
These lecture notes contain the following routines:

Fat Chance - After shuffling the cards in numerous different ways, the performer shows the cards are still in order.

Lucky Me - The performer plays a couple of rounds of poker with a spectator. Each time, the spectator has more control over which cards he is getting. Yet he keeps losing. In the end the spectator even gets the opportunity to cheat and he still loses.

Hold'em Stack - The cards are shuffled and dealt for a Texas Hold'em game with four players. The performer ends up with two kings. The flop also contains a king and the final king is dealt on the river.

Hold'em Double Duke - In a four handed game of Texas Hold'em the performer shows he can deal two kings to his partner as well as a king on the flop and the turn. At the end the performer explains his real partner is the one with two aces. Together with the two aces on the flop and river he has a better four of a kind.

Ultimate Shuffle - The aces are placed on top of the deck and the performer shows he can keep them on top despite shuffling. After a second shuffle it's not the aces that are on top, but the four kings. After a third shuffle the four queens are shown to be on top. After another couple of shuffles, the performer deals four hands of poker and shows the four jacks ended up in the first hand, the queens in the second, the kings in the third and the aces in the last hand. Finally, the rest of the deck is shown to be back in order.

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