Theme Parties

Having a casino night or mafia party?

As 'The Gracious Grifter' Peter offers entertainment that is highly suitable for 'mafia', 'casino' or 'Las Vegas theme parties.

Are you looking for walk around entertainment?

At the start of the evening Peter will mingle with the guests and hand out fake dollar bills. Your guests will think it will become an evening full of lucky events. Soon however, Peter's ethics change and he starts to win back the fake dollars with all kinds of dishonest gambling games.

Even though your guests will be empty handed by the end of the evening, they will feel richer. They have gained an experience. The unforgettable experience of being conned by the best. Even long after the event they will talk about the friendly gentleman who took their money so graciously.

Do you rather have the entertainment in a fixed place?

With Peter as 'The Crooked Croupier' you will be sure of suitable entertainment for your casino party. Guests who join Peter at his blackjacktable will relive the old Las Vegas. They get to experience what it's like to play blackjack with a dealer who isn't entirely honest. As soon as the players are broke though Peter will entertain the players with some award winning magic and he might even show some of the techniques that were used abundantly by the crooked croupiers of the 50's.
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