Festival acts

Are you looking for a great festival act?

Put Peter in a tent with about 20-30 spectators and Peter is at his best. Like no other Peter knows how to take his audience into the world of the card cheat. His quality acts have won him the Dutch National Championship of Magic two years in a row.

Audience participation

Festival act
In 'The Mysterious Mechanic' a member of the audience turns out to be the best card cheat ever. No matter how the cards are shuffled, he always manages to get the best cards or put the deck in order. After watching this interactive show spectators will wonder if there maybe a card cheat amongst their friends as well.

With 'The Mysterious Mechanic' Peter became the Dutch National Champion of Card Magic in 2010 and in 2012 he will compete at the World Championship of Magic.

Life of a card cheat

In 'Life of a card cheat' Peter tells the story of a young man. A man who finds himself on the dark side of gambling. He now needs to make a choice: go for the easy money or start being a decent human being. What will he choose?

With 'Life of a card cheat' Peter won the Dutch National Championship of Card Magic for the second time in a row in 2011.

You showed craftsmanship, professionality and enthousiasm. A very entertaining card cheating demonstration!

Judges commentary Dutch National Championship of Magic 2011

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