I was 8 years old when I saw a card cheat work for the first time. Once a week, my family came together to play cards. They played poker for nickels. Because it was my birthday, I was allowed to play that day. We played Chicago, a pokergame where the player with the highest spade wins half the pot. When my grandfather started dealing, I noticed the ace of spades, the highest spade in the deck, on the bottom of the deck. When I picked up my cards moments later, I couldn't believe my eyes. The last card my grandfather had given me, was the ace of spades. When I looked at my grandfather, he winked at me. Like he wanted to say: ‘Happy birthday son’.

Through my grandfather I met all kinds of cheats who visited to learn from him. According to them, my grandfather was the best. Once in a while a young cheat who couldn't believe this would come by and challenged my grandfather. This always resulted in something you should see with your own eyes to believe:

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